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  • Mohawk Industries acquires KAI Group

  • Domaine Bessa Valley with a new visual identity inspired by Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure

  • January, 2015 HPP Kunino meets planned production

  • March 2014, The international giant TeleTech acquired Sofica

  • September 2013, Rompharm Company acquires Ceres

  • Qingdao tasting

  • Bessa Valley Winery was presented one more time at Megavino 2012.

  • NEW! KAI GROUP offers fresh interior design for childrens bathroom!

  • Implementation of eMerchant for the needs of Alpha Bank – Bulgaria Branch JSc

  • KAI Group launched two new models of tiles on the market

  • NEVEQ’s Portfolio Companies Report Significant Advances in 2010

  • The first plant in Bulgaria with a complex installation for calcifiacation of natural gypsum

  • Enira now has an official distributor in China - Great River Hill Winery

  • Ceres AD is one of the biggest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria

  • KAI Group launched two new models of tiles on the market
    KAI GROUP launched two new models of tiles, size 30 x 60 cm.Borsalino is a model designed in beige brown range, available in two alternative versions of cover in brown, beige and white. Featuring an extremely modern look, originality and stylish design. The other model is the addition of granite series Saturn, but in the format 30 x 60 cm.  Available in two colors: Silver and Savannah and offers an optimal combination of modern format and classic, clear vision.

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