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  • Mohawk Industries acquires KAI Group

  • Domaine Bessa Valley with a new visual identity inspired by Panagyurishte Thracian Gold Treasure

  • January, 2015 HPP Kunino meets planned production

  • March 2014, The international giant TeleTech acquired Sofica

  • September 2013, Rompharm Company acquires Ceres

  • Qingdao tasting

  • Bessa Valley Winery was presented one more time at Megavino 2012.

  • NEW! KAI GROUP offers fresh interior design for childrens bathroom!

  • Implementation of eMerchant for the needs of Alpha Bank – Bulgaria Branch JSc

  • KAI Group launched two new models of tiles on the market

  • NEVEQ’s Portfolio Companies Report Significant Advances in 2010

  • The first plant in Bulgaria with a complex installation for calcifiacation of natural gypsum

  • Enira now has an official distributor in China - Great River Hill Winery

  • Ceres AD is one of the biggest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria

  • NEVEQ’s Portfolio Companies Report Significant Advances in 2010

    NEVEQ's portfolio companies are reporting outstanding results in 2010. The combined revenues of the portfolio are nearly double what they were in 2009. In addition to improving financial results and adding high-profile clients from across the globe, many received recognition by leading industry publications and won awards. FinAnalytica won the Waters Rankings award for "Best Market Risk Solution", Ontotext was awarded the Pythagoras prize for applied scientific research, SpinetiX won the "Best Product Award" at Infocomm 2010 and "Best Digital Signage Product" at the AV Awards, Favit was selected among the top 3 start-ups at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York. Numerous publications in business and technology media including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Dow Jones also wrote about or mentioned some of NEVEQ's investments


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