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  • Ceres AD is one of the biggest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria

  • Ceres AD is one of the biggest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria

    April, 2012

    Ceres AD is one of the biggest owners of agricultural land in Bulgaria. Its portfolio includes more than

    20 000 ha of agricultural land, 13 500 ha of which cultivated land. During the autumn campaign the fund sowed 9 600ha with winter crops - 6 500ha with winter wheat and 3 100ha with oilseed rape. As a result of the very few rainfalls in October and November and due to the extremely low winter temperatures, about 10% of the fields planted with rapeseed in the autumn shall be replanted with spring crops. The wheat is in a very good condition.

    Sowing of spring crops started in the second half of March.

    Ceres AD extended its cultivated land to 13 449 ha witch is equal to 10% increase in comparison to 2010/11 agricultural year. So as to grow more profitable technical crops, such as corn, and to minimize the risk of drought, the fund keeps investing in irrigation systems and extending the irrigated plots to about 470ha which equals to 120% increase in comparison to the previous agricultural year.

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