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  • Ivo Evgeniev

    Mr. Evgeniev earned his MBA degree from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France in 2000. Ivo Evgeniev also has as a Master of Engineering degree from Sofia Technical University (1996) and a Master of Science in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia (1994). Mr. Evgeniev is a highly experienced regional investor and entrepreneur who has led successful investments in telecoms, construction, material manufacturing, real estate, hospitality and leisure, paper and wine making totaling in excess of €400 million. In 2002 - 2003 Mr. Evgeniev managed a €40 million Bulgarian Post-Privatization Fund sponsored by the EBRD and in 2003 - 2005 he directed a €42 million private equity fund sponsored by Thomas Cook AG and a number of high net worth individuals. Previously Mr. Evgeniev was with UBS Warburg in London.

    Spas Shopov

    Mr. Shopov is a Master of Science in Finance from the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Mr. Shopov is a highly experienced investor and entrepreneur, who made a successful turnaround of KAI Group ceramic tile producer and developed it from an insignificant small operation to the largest regional manufacturer of wall and floor tiles and granitogress ceramic tiles with revenues of more than € 50 million.

    Daniel Alexandrov

    Mr. Alexandrov holds an MBA degree from Sofia University and MBA from Hogeschool van Utrecht, the Netherlands. Mr. Alexandrov has worked for ING Bank Amsterdam, ING Bank Sofia and Citibank Sofia as senior investment and lending analyst. In 2001 Mr. Alexandrov joined Europa Capital Management Private Equity. Mr. Alexandrov is a highly experienced regional analyst with successful investments in various sectors of the industry among which telecoms, real estate, ship building, and manufacturing. Mr. Alexandrov is a managing director of Rosslyn Capital Partners.

    Zachary Botchev

    Mr. Botchev earned his degree in University of Dallas, Texas in 1996. Zachary Botchev also has a Master of Engineering degree from Sofia University of Technologies (1993). Mr. Botchev is experienced investor and entrepreneur in various sectors including construction and building materials, real estate, IT, hospitality and leisure, commodity trading, farming, etc. As experienced industrial manager and market developer, Zachary founded and developed the largest ceramic tiles producer on the Balkans and the leading Balkan jet airline company. 

    Lyubomir Minchev

    Lyubomir spearheaded the development of Telelink as a regional system integration player and major supplier for the largest telecom operators on the Balkans. As an entrepreneur and CEO from inception, he devised the international growth strategy with acquisitive and generic growth to reach over Euro 45 million revenue prior to the latest acquisitions consolidation. Lyubomir is also seed investor in several other fast growing companies in Bulgaria. Before  establishing Telelink he was Country Manger of Global Securities. The first job in his carrier was in the private equity fund Global Finance in 1997.Lyubomir is graduating the EMBA program of INSEAD in 2010 and has a BA/BS Finance from Suffolk University, Boston in 1997.

    Borislav Pantev

    Mr. Pantev is a Master of Science in Industrial Economy from the Academy of Economics in Svishtov, Bulgaria. Mr. Pantev has experience in energy sector from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Resources and has been involved in development of renewable energy projects, market researches, analysis, assessment and implementation of equity transactions and investment management. Mr. Pantev is a Managing Director of „Kunino Energy“AD, a company that is currently operating the 4.4 MW Hydro Power Plant „Kunino“, situated on the Iskar River.

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