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    Rosslyn's team has a long track record in providing advisory services to both Bulgarian and foreign companies. Our experienced professionals, good knowledge of the market, extensive network of industry leaders and government officials, and impeccable reputation are the foundation of our consulting business.

    Advisory Services Track Record

    • ECM Bulgaria team provided general consulting services and participated in some of the largest telecommunication deals in Bulgaria;
    • Electricity Distribution Companies privatization - consulting services on the buy-side, representation in front of the Bulgarian authorities;
    • Energy sector - M&A services for a large international client;
    • Water Utility Companies concession - sell-side consultant together with a large company based in the Netherlands;
    • Bank privatization - asset appraisal and privatization strategy and marketing, general consulting services as subcontractor to a large international investment bank;
    • Banking sector - member of a consortium advising the Bank Consolidation Company;
    • Tourism - advisory services on the privatization of a large hotel in Sofia and holiday villages at the Black Sea side;
    • Brewing sector - M&A services for a large international client;
    • Real estate - structuring a joint venture between Italian and Bulgarian investors;
    • Oil refinement - company valuation of Plama Refinery for a Swiss client;
    • Mining - M&A services for a large international company;
    • Metallurgy - buy-side advisory work for a Swiss client;
    • Glass production- privatization advisory services for a Turkish client;
    • Cement industry - privatization advisory services for a Turkish client;
    • Food processing - buy-side advisory services for a Belgian client;
    • Aluminum production - Privatization services for a Turkish client.

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